Windows 11 – What should we do?

‘Windows 11’ has arrived!
This is another big step for PC users around the world with a Modern PC compatible to handle this latest Operating System from Microsoft.
Though, many PC users around the world are still coming to terms with their ‘Windows 10’ operating system, notably after decades working with legacy Operating Systems such as ‘Windows XP’ through to ‘Windows 7’ & ‘Windows 8’; the jump to ‘Windows 10’ was quite substantial, with several feature location changes making life difficult for legacy Windows product users, for example the ‘Start Menu’.
Many Windows PC users shall recall they were passively forced to update to ‘Windows 10’, through an upgrade program, this has occurred once more for ‘Windows 11’!
PCs with an 8th Generation Intel Processor & above with compatible hardware will offer to upgrade to ‘Windows 11’.
At Cheap Geek we have found there are still several issues with ‘Windows 11’, notably for the Start Menu interface & loss of complete network capabilities.
If you have noticed the ‘Windows 11’ upgrade request & have any questions/concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact Cheap Geek on 1300 241 944; one of our system engineers will gladly assist how they can.

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