Premium Technology has partnered with Edgetel to offer full-featured hosted PABX phone systems.

Our Hosted PABX phone systems have all the functionality of a traditional PABX, without the cost. In fact, our hosted PABX system has many more features. Our phone systems have all the features you would expect including;

  • Internal extension numbers
  • Free calls between internal numbers (even between sites)
  • Transferring of calls between internal numbers
  • Incoming call queues and menu systems
  • Incoming call custom caller-ID (for businesses with multiple numbers)
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Different call handling for after hours or holidays
  • Call Diversions
  • Provided Public Domain Hold Music
    …or Provide your own Hold Music Recordings
  • Call Recording on both Inbound and Outbound calls


Signup/Cancellation FREE
Extensions $4.00 per month
Voice Mailboxes $1.00 per month
Lines/Max Simultaneous Calls $8.00 per month
Queues (“an operator will be with you shortly”) $3.00 per month
Menu Items (“press 1 for sales”) $1.00 per month
Custom Internal Phone Numbers $1.00 per month
Default Music On Hold (instrumentals with no vocals) FREE
Custom Hold Music Folders (upload your own music on hold) $3.00 per month
Make changes to your phone system FREE
Unportable Numbers (“DID’s”) $3.00 per month
Portable Numbers (“ACMA’s”) $8.00 per month
Individual Porting Fee $55.00 per number
1300 Numbers $20.00 per month + $0.06 per minute
1800 Numbers $30.00 per month + $0.08 per minute
New 1300 Number $25.00 once off
New 1800 Number $50.00 once off
1300/1800 Number Porting Fee $100.00 per number
Internal Calls FREE
Australian Landlines $0.09 untimed
Australian Mobiles $0.15 per min (e.g. $0.30 for a 2 min call)
International Rates from $0.02 per min (e.g. $0.04 for a 2 min call to a standard landline in China)
Call Recording $0.05 per min (e.g. $0.10 for a 2 min inbound call)
Voice Recordings by Us (or upload your own for free) $10.00 each
Have a technician customise your dialplan $30.00


All prices listed on our website are in Australian Dollars (AUD) and exclude GST.


Below is an example of how a small business might use their phone system:

Note that in order to be able to replicate our functionality using Telstra lines, a PBX would need to be purchased costing well over $1000.

Quantity Item Cost
3 Extensions (with VM) $15.00
3 Max Simultaneous Calls $24.00
3 Telephone Numbers $9.00
600 Nation Wide Local Calls $54.00
150 Mobile Calls $45.00
GST $14.70

(correct as of 24/3/09)

Quantity Item Cost
3 Home Line Plus $89.85
450 Local Calls (18c each) $81.00
150 STD Calls (39c flagfall + 20c per min) $118.50
150 Mobile Calls (39c flagfall + 33c per min) $157.50
GST $40.62

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